About Us

Subscripted is a one stop shop for all things webseries.

Subscripted is…

A platform for webseries producers

Webseries are revolutionizing entertainment by exposing people to storytellers that might not be considered “mainstream”. This is where we come in come in. So far, word-of-mouth has been key to the success of web series, but now Subscripted will be the megaphone for those voices to uplift up and coming storytellers. We are a space dedicated to building a network of creative collaboration so to speak. That’s why you, the storyteller, will not only have access to a database of creatives ready to work, you will also be a part of a community that is invested in you flourishing.

A stage for actors/actresses

Do you believe you have the chops for acting? We have a spot for you too. Actors/actresses can create a profile to introduce themselves to more opportunities and get exposure. You can link your previous body of work to your Subscripted profile and also put in your profile how far you’re willing to travel to collaborate with producers.

A hub for premium web content

By now you're all too familiar with not having easy access to premium content spanning different genres. Sifting through random videos on different platforms to find up and coming original webseries can also be the pits. And at the end of the day, you still don't get what you want-a narrative you can connect to. So why limit yourself? We're all looking for it-authentic stories from different points of view (and, of course, attentive customer service). Subscripted is dedicated to satisfying your binge -watching cravings as well as exposing you to content you might not have seen before.

Support Us

Change for Change

People like you-the creatives, those who go against the grain, the energized spirits that add their own beauty to a narrative , the dedicated onlookers that celebrate the experience of a story told from a different lens -you, bring webseries to the masses. You are a part of the movement. You change the way the world views content; you challenge the status quo. You are changing the narrative. Help us continue this movement. Every penny you give continues to ¢hange the narrative. It gives those who love webseries a space to find a collective group of peers. Keep being a trailblazer and trendsetter. C'mon-you know you want to.

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